A New Era

Conference branding
(brand identity, guideline, and campaign)

Team: TED
Role: Designer
At a time when Russia puts war on Ukraine and the world and the world is still recovering from the 2 years of the pandemic, TED presents its annual event with the theme of “New Era”, to look past the immediate headlines and to move forward anew with inspiring ideas from every area - medicine, AI, business, scientific discovery, cultural innovation, and geopolitics.

The team built an expressive, simple, and flexible identity system followed by a series of illustrations inspired by an idea of a flourishing Utopia. The design invites viewers to a playful, vibrant, bold, and future, where technology and nature harmonize. The system gets applied to various treatments in every area throughout the conference, from the digital promotion to the physical conference venue.

I developed digital promotion kits and campaign assets for this event.

*Photo credits: TED Conference